Safety Dating Tips

How to date safely using Kontan Toi

At Kontan Toi, our users safety & well being is of paramount importance. We will not accept nor tolerate abuse, bullying, harassment or financial frauds committed by users targeting other users on Kontan Toi. We will investigate and work with respective law enforcement agencies to help protect users of Kontan Toi.

Kontan Toi is a dating & matrimonial site, Kontan Toi is not an escort or hook up site.

Meeting potential dates can be exciting and fun, however you should always take precautious when interacting with someone you don’t know.

Use your best judgment, gut feeling and put your safety & wellbeing first, whether you are sending messages or meeting in person. 

While you can’t control other peoples actions, there are some things you can do to help you stay safe whilst using Kontan Toi.

Safety Online

At Kontan Toi, we ask for verified identification in the form of a Passport, Driving License or National Identification Card. We ask this to ensure our users are who they say they are. Once we’ve accepted & verified a user, a verified mark will be placed on their profile indicating that their identification has been checked. 

This is a requirement for all our memberships except the Free Basic & 1 Week Membership Plans.

Never Send Money Or Share Any Financial Details With Anyone

Do not send any monies, especially as a wire transfer, even if the person claims to be in an emergency. Wiring money is basically sending cash online – it can be virtually impossible to reverse the transaction or trace where the money went. A genuine person interested in you won’t ask you for money.

Never share bank information or any other information that could be used to gain access to your financial accounts. If a user on Kontan Toi asks you for money, report it to us immediately through our contact page.

For some tips on avoiding romance scams, please take a moment to see some advice from the U.S Federal Trade Commission on the FTC website or in the video below.

Protect & Keep Private Your Personal Information

Never share any personal information that is private to you such as your home/work address, social security number or details of your daily routine that can expose where you can be found at a given time (e.g, you go to a certain coffee shop or gym every Monday or go shopping on a Saturday at a given shopping centre) with people you don’t know that you’ve met on Kontan Toi.

A genuine person interested in you won’t persist in asking you for your home/work address to send you flowers or gifts and will respect your privacy in the digital age that we now live in.

If you are a parent, avoid or limit the amount of information that you share about your children in your profile and in conversations. Avoid discussing or sharing details such as children’s names, their school details, ages or genders.

Keep The Conversations Within The Kontan Toi Platform

Keep all conversations that you have here within Kontan Toi whilst starting to get to know your special someone. You can use the in built messaging system or converse using the Live Chatroom facility.  Be wary of fraudsters & romance scammers that try to convince you to leave Kontan Toi or ask you to join them on another platform.

Be Cautious Of Long Distance & Overseas Relationships

Be wary of fraudsters who claim to be from your country but is stuck somewhere else, especially if they ask for financial assistance to return home. Be suspicious & careful of anyone who will not meet you in person or talk on a phone/video call, they may not be who they say they are. 

Google offers Google Duo which is a free video & voice calling app that is available for both Android & iPhone as well as for iPads & tablets. This may be used as an alternative to giving out your personal phone number or can be used to interact with the person who you are in contact with.

If someone is persisting in asking you for money, guilting you into doing something, avoiding your questions or pushing you into a relationship without meeting or getting to know you; speak with someone close to you, reach out to support organisations as well as avoid/block the individual. 

If you are asked for financial assistance; you can report this immediately to us through the Contact Us page.


Report All Suspicious Behaviour & Offensive Behaviour

Kontan Toi will not tolerate any abuse, bullying, harassment or intimidation based on race, gender, sexuality, religion or any other aspect. Our users safety & wellbeing is very important to us. If you have received any abuse online through Kontan Toi we want to be made aware of this immediately. 

Other examples of suspicious & offensive behaviour that won’t be tolerated can result in a profile being banned and possibly be reported to law enforcement can also include:-

Solicitation for money, donations, third party subscription sites.

Prostitution or human trafficking

Underage users

Offensive messages, harassment and threats of violence 

Inappropriate or harmful behaviour during or after a meeting in person

Fraudulent profiles

Spam and not limited to business investments or internet links to commercial websites attempting to advertise products or services. 

You can report any concerns you may have about a profile on Kontan Toi through the Contact Us page.


Keep Your Account Protected

Please ensure you pick a strong password, take precautions when logging into your account whilst using free public wi-fi or from a public/shared computer and change your password often.

Kontan Toi will NEVER send you an email asking you for your username and password or ask you for any bank or payment details. If you receive any suspicious emails asking you for your information; report it immediately to us.

Contacting Kontan Toi

Kontan Toi will NEVER ask you for your username, password, personal details, payment or bank information through email or social media. We will also NEVER contact you via phone/video call asking for your username, password, personal details, payment or bank information.

We do not provide or list publicly any phone numbers where Kontan Toi can be contacted on. We strongly advise you not to call any phone numbers found online.  We don’t have or post on any other social media accounts other than the accounts that are publicly available through the Kontan Toi website & app.

If you suspect or are in way concerned with any communication you receive, you can get in touch through the Contact Us page or you can email us on support@kontantoi.com


Meeting A Person

Take Your Time

Take your time and move at a pace that is comfortable for you as you get to know the other person before agreeing to meet or chat off the Kontan Toi platform. Feel free to ask questions and try to ensure you’re both of the same understanding in what you are both looking for in each other. You can use the in built messenger system, Live Chatroom, or use a video call platform such as Google Duo to help you screen a genuine prospective date. 

Arrange To Meet In A Public Place & Stay In a Public Environment

Always meet in a populated public space and try to stay in a public environment. Never arrange a meeting at your own home, your date’s home or any other private location. Do not be guilted, forced or pressured to go to a private location. Always stay in control. 

Communicate Your Plans With Family & Friends

Communicate with your friends & family about where you are going, how long you’ll roughly be, expected time you’ll be back, how you’ll be travelling to & from your meeting. Ensure you have enough funds to pay for transport, fuel/parking.

Possibly screen shot your date’s profile to someone you trust. Check that you have a fully charged phone, you may want to send/receive texts during the date up until travelling back home so that friends & family are reassured you’re okay. Your safety is also a form of piece of mind for your family & friends.

Be In Charge Of Your Travel Arrangements

Take ownership of your own travel arrangements to and from any meetings. That way you are free to leave at any time. Ensure you have a fully charged phone, sufficient money if you’re using public transport or hiring a taxi. This can also include keep phone numbers or internet links of public transport on your phone. 

If you’re travelling by car, ensure you are parked in a safe well lit area that is also preferably parked in a populated area. Alternatively you could arrange for a friend or family member pick you up.

And lastly for further piece of mind and security, share your travel arrangements with someone close and trustworthy to you. 

Know Your Limits

Be aware of the effects of drugs or alcohol on you – they can impair your judgement, you can lose track of time, loosen your inhibitions and slow down your alertness. If your date tries to pressure, tempt or suggest you to use drugs or drink more than you’re comfortable with, then hold your ground and end the date. Your safety and well being is of paramount importance. 

Don't Leave Drinks Or Personal Items Unattended

Be vigilant when it comes to drinks, be aware of where you drink comes and know where it is at all times, only accept drinks poured or served directly from the bartender or server. Substances that are slipped into drinks to facilitate sexual assault are odourless, colourless and tasteless. Also keep you personal belongings like phone, purse, wallet and anything containing personal information on you at all times. 

If You Feel Uncomfortable, Leave

It’s perfectly okay to end the date early if you feel uncomfortable. It is actively encouraged. If your gut feelings & instincts are telling you something isn’t right or you feel unsafe, ask the bartender/waiter or people around for your help.

Sexual Health & Consent

Keep Yourself Protected

When used correctly and consistently, condoms can significantly reduce the risk of contracting and passing on STI’s like HIV. Be aware STI’s like herpes or Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can be passed on through skin-to-skin contact. For more information on sexual health best practice get in touch with your medical practitioner.

Know Your Status

Not all STI’s show symptoms and you don’t want to be in the dark regarding your sexual health status. Stay on top of your health and prevent the spread of STI’s by getting yourself tested by your medical practitioner.

Talk About It

Communication is key; have a discussion and talk before you & your partner want to start to get physically intimate, discuss sexual health and STI testing. 


All sexual activity must start with consent and should include ongoing check-ins with your partner. Verbal communication can help you and your partner ensure that you respect each other’s boundaries. Consent can be withdrawn at any time and sex is never owed to anyone. Do not proceed if you or your partner seems uncomfortable or unsure or if you or your partner is unable to consent due to the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Remember – even if you follow these tips, no method of risk reduction is perfect. If you have a negative experience, please know that it is not your fault and help is available. Report any incidents on Contact Us and consider getting in touch with friends, family & support groups in your location.

If you feel you are in immediate danger or need emergency assistance call:-

Mauritius Police 999

Mauritius Ambulance (Samu) 114

Rodrigues Police 999

Rodrigues Ambulance 999

Seychelles Police 999

Seychelles Ambulance 151

Maldives Police 999

Maldives Ambulance 999

Reunion Island Police 17

Reunion Ambulance 15