Kontan Toi For The Seychelles

Why A Dating & Matrimonial App For The Seychelles & For Seychellois Peoples Worldwide?

Love is all around. After all, we have ever growing options for meeting one another; at work, the gym, university, family functions, online and at other social hangouts. But with thousands of people looking for love, making the right kind of connection can be a challenge today driven with uncertainty.

Kontan Toi Seychelles

Singles in The Seychelles can now find love online easier than ever with the launch of Kontan Toi, a dating & matrimonial app unbound by location. With your account, you can connect with singles in the various islands in The Seychelles and with other Seychellois worldwide.

How Does The Kontan Toi App Work?

Kontan Toi is a free app with other paid plans and is easily downloadable from the Apple App Store. Kontan Toi will soon be available on Google Play for Android users. For updates & notifications on the Android app Click HERE!

This app allows you to sign up, create your profile and upload photos. You can select your gender preference settings, location and interests. You are presented with pictures of other users based on your preference settings. You can swipe, like & favourite other users.  Users can chat privately in the app depending on the plan subscribed to. You can search for and be found by other users.

Why Shall I Use Kontan Toi Over Other Dating Apps?

Our focus at Kontan Toi is for the peoples of The Seychelles and for the Seychellois peoples seeking love & happiness elsewhere in the world. We are a unique Dating & Matrimonial App serving Seychellens.

You can find a partner on Kontan Toi; by using our sophisticated search filters to fine tune your preferences and connect with interesting like-minded people that match your search criteria or just by browsing users that pop up on your feed!

Our mission is to hopefully help you with finding the love of your life by making it easy, safe and fun! We want to make those in The Seychelles and for the Seychellois worldwide to be more open about the views about marriage and relationships and provide a dating & matrimonial platform for those who are looking for their soul mate.

Why Have A Dating & Matrimonial App For The Seychelles?

Marriages are made in heaven but they have to be found on Earth. Kontan Toi brings together singles who are looking for marriage, friendships or a serious long term relationship.

Find your matching soulmate with our advanced algorithm & search filters. Check out user profiles and connect with users sharing similar interests. Increase your chances of being matched by completing your profile with as many details as possible.

Kontan Toi is 100% FREE to use, however we do have paid subscriptions with more features. You can find other people by using advanced search filters, browse different user profiles, check out recommendations from nearby users and see who has visited your profile!

Kontan Toi is the perfect place for Seychellois peoples around the world to meet, socialise and find a special someone to settle down with. 

Why Have A Dating & Matrimonial App For The Seychelles And For The Various Islands In The Indian Ocean?

In The Seychelles, like Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago & Réunion Island, the population is dispersed and diverse with peoples coming from different ethnic and religious backgrounds with various sexual orientation preferences.

We believe mainstream dating & matrimonial apps are not ideally equipped to help you find your perfect match in The Seychelles, The Maldives, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago or Réunion Island. Having a dating & matrimonial app for Seychellois, Maldivians, Mauritians, Rodriguans, Chagossians & Réunionnaise peoples worldwide gives you more opportunity to find a special someone for yourself.

Even if you meet someone abroad, it is always a good idea to have common family ties, friends or share cultural values with people from a similar background as yours. We want Kontan Toi in The Seychelles and outside The Seychelles to be a fun and safe place for everyone.

With Kontan Toi, we hope we can also contribute to society by helping people find their perfect match as well as address the growth of singles in the growing population who want to find a special someone and settle down with.

And of course, we want our users to be happy once they find their soul mate via the app. Please contact us HERE if you’d like to feature as a success story on Kontan Toi!

We are happy for our members to send us any thoughts about how we can improve Kontan Toi even further, if so Contact Us Here!

Kontan Toi is the First Dating & Matrimonial App for The Seychelles, The Maldives, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago & Réunion Island. And for Seychellen, Maldivians, Mauritians, Rodriguans, Chagossians & Réunionnaise peoples at home and abroad

Download Kontan Toi now and start your search for your special someone…