Careers at Kontan Toi

Careers at Kontan Toi

Join Kontan Toi in Creating a Safe & Enjoyable place where people can meet & fall in love...

We would like to offer positions with Kontan Toi as we grow and develop to become the First Indian Ocean Dating & Matrimonial App for peoples from and in Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago, The Seychelles, The Maldives, Réunion Island and worldwide.

All official job postings for Kontan Toi will be made available below with applications applied through Linkedin. 

Current Vacancies


We’re currently looking to recruit for the role of Cupid.  This opportunity will involve remote working in the Cloud. A Bow & an unlimited supply of arrows to be provided to the successful candidate. Tasks include and not limited to;- shooting arrows of love to users of Kontan Toi, providing moral & motivational support to singles and a little office work here & there. Working hours are 24/7 as love can strike users on Kontan Toi unexpectedly. Interested Individuals who have naturally grown wings and can fly safely may apply for the position. Salary Negotiable