About Kontan Toi

Kontan Toi Dating & matrimony Mauritius Seychelles Maldives Réunion Island

Kontan Toi means Love You in Mauritian Creole. Kontan Toi is a new modern first of its kind mobile dating & matrimonial app to meet the needs of people who are out & about and are in need of an easily accessible app to help find a partner for love & happiness. Kontan Toi is a serious and genuine dating and matrimonial app only, and not a ‘hook up’ site.

Kontan Toi has been designed to help those originating from and residing in the several islands in the Indian Ocean irrespective of race, religion & gender to meet a prospective partner. This app has been designed to balance traditional and modern matchmaking digitally to meet the needs for you to search and be found by your someone special.

Although Kontan Toi is fairly specialised in catering to the dating & matrimonial needs of the various peoples from the several countries in the Indian Ocean. Kontan Toi isn’t just for Mauritians, Rodriguans, Chagossians, Maldivians, Seychellen or Réunionnaise peoples. Whether you’re relocating to any of these countries or are looking for someone with a tropical background; Kontan Toi could be the perfect solution for you.

Kontan Toi has also been designed so that you can search for a partner from a similar background by using our various search filters, so you can search for someone who may be Mauritian, Rodriguan, Chagossian, Maldivian, Seychellen or Réunionnaise whilst in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Europe or anywhere worldwide.

We want you to enjoy and make full use of our services to help you date or marry.

If you’re looking for love & happiness with someone from Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago, The Maldives, The Seychelles and Réunion Island or are looking for someone abroad with a similar background as yours; then sign up with Kontan Toi and start searching for your someone special today.